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Praise for The Pianist's Only Daughter: 

"Adams' sharp prose unflinching portrait of aging and a not-always-flattering picture of medical care in the United States..." ~Kirkus Reviews
"Ultimately, 'The Pianist's Only Daughter' stands out among other memoirs for its compelling storytelling, nuanced exploration of universal themes, and the author's unwavering honesty and vulnerability."  ~A Look Inside: A Book Review Blog 
"Adams' book not only is an eloquently written memoir, but also a significant book about caregiving." ~Amazon Customer Review
"The Pianist’s Only Daughter' drew me right in and kept me engaged throughout. The descriptions are vivid, making me feel like I was right there, experiencing the life of a girl growing up with two very smart and creative parents. It also provides an inside view of the challenge of helping parents through aging, and serves as a good companion to Atul Gawande’s Being Mortal."  ~Amazon Customer Review 
There were...moments where I laughed, cried, raged, and laughed again. Adams writes with a refreshing candor that strikes a reader as wholly authentic, and with a clear voice and a rollercoaster of a story to tell, she's someone I would be happy to listen to a whole lot more going forward. Very highly recommended." ~ Jamie Michele for Readers' Favorite
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